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My Planted Tank

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My Planted Tank  Empty My Planted Tank

Post  SeanSS Mon Jun 11, 2012 7:12 pm

There was quite a bit of talk about planted tanks and what not, figured i would share a few pictures of our 90 gallon that were taken some time ago.

This is a 90 Gallon AGA tank with a DIY stand.
Tank currently has 2x54w of lighting from a Hagen Glo Fixture that sits directly on top of the tank.
This tank is injected with presurized CO2, i do no regular fert dosing. Every now and then i will dose Excel but usually
only 2 or 3 times a month, if that.

Live stock consists of the following

7 male German Blue Rams
9 angels including 2 proven pairs.
1 Oto
1 male ABN blue eyed pleco
and 4 or 5 young Chocolate BN plecos

Oh and a whole bunch of snails, if anyone needs snails just let me know. Ive got plenty.

My Planted Tank  005
My Planted Tank  006
My Planted Tank  020-1
My Planted Tank  002-1
My Planted Tank  001-4

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