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Premium Pet Supply in Bloomington

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Premium Pet Supply in Bloomington Empty Premium Pet Supply in Bloomington

Post  DavidZ Tue Nov 26, 2019 11:42 am

Not sure how someone hasn't done a review of the shop that is in our backyard, but here it goes;

Jesper and Monte do a great job of keeping a wide selection of freshwater fish in the shop. Lots of things that you don't normally find in aquatic shops. Tons of plants as well.

Full disclosure; they do buy a lot of the fish I sell, but I would not sell them to them if they weren't taking good care of them. They support the local hobbyist well, which is also why I like them as much as I do. No other shop in town, including the locally owned un-named place in Normal that has zero interest in the local hobbyist, supports home breeders like Premium. They are not going to give you retail for your fish, profit is not a bad word, but they give you something and that gives us another dispersal avenue for our spawns.

They also have a great selection of equipment, food and miscellaneous at pretty decent prices.

Most of the folks there are pretty knowledgeable, but Jesper and Monte are both great with helping you if you need it.

With the Mom and Pop pet stores all but disappearing, we're lucky to have Premium still around. Support them if you can.


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