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For Sale: Nicaraguensis Cichlid

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For Sale: Nicaraguensis Cichlid Empty For Sale: Nicaraguensis Cichlid

Post  ClydesdaleDan Mon Feb 12, 2018 9:03 pm

Large 3 year old male 8"-10". Looking for a new home for this guy, he has been in my 125 gallon for 2.5 years now but he is no longer fitting in with what the rest of the tank has become. He is a beautiful fish and very active. He is nippy with slower fish(Fat Oscars) but not overly aggressive and does not pursue any fish that can move reasonably quickly. He would be great for someone with a female looking to breed.

Located in Mascoutah, IL and would prefer not to ship. If you're interested and fairly nearby or willing to travel message me and we can work something out.For Sale: Nicaraguensis Cichlid 15184810


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