Butterfly Hillstream Loaches at Petco

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Butterfly Hillstream Loaches at Petco Empty Butterfly Hillstream Loaches at Petco

Post  Katnapper on Sun Dec 27, 2015 4:21 pm

I happened to see that they had a couple of small Butterfly Hillstream Loaches at Petco today - I think they were $6-something. It's just unusual and somewhat exciting when you actually see something different locally than the common stock species. I didn't get any, though I thought about it. I tried them a while back and didn't have long lasting luck; I think mine survived about a month. They're supposed to do better in fast moving water (like a stream would have) so maybe that was my problem. They are a cute little species though.

I did pick up 3 Amano shrimp to accompany the 3 I have in my 75g, which I don't usually find when I go to look for them. They have a few left of those too, pretty small. I think I got the only female of the bunch, which is slightly larger.

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