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Charlie's and others in Pekin

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Charlie's and others in Pekin Empty Charlie's and others in Pekin

Post  DavidZ Mon Sep 23, 2013 9:53 am

Charlie's in Pekin has been around for as long as I can remember. Although they really need a better website, they are probably one of the best aquarium shops in Central Illinois. I guess it depends on if you are closer to Champaign or Pekin as Sailfin certainly has to be included in that conversation as well.

They always have a nice selection of freshwater fish with very fair prices. The fish always seems healthy and the tanks are well cared for. They also have saltwater fish, reptiles and small animals.

Everyone in there is always very nice and knowledgeable.

They also always have feeder ghost shrimp, guppies, goldfish and the best deal on crickets around ($1 a 'dozen').

Regardless, I work in Pekin and it's nice to be able to stop by there whenever I need to on the way home to Normal. There are a couple of other shops in Pekin (Pet Supplies Plus, Petco and Fishin' Place) but they really can't hold a candle to Charlies.

Pet Supplies Plus has a few tanks (like a Wal-Mart setup - and just as badly cared for) but does have some decent deals on supplies. Petco is Petco - Decent enough fish, periodically great deals on tanks. Fishin' Place is unremarkable - fish look bad with dead fish in the tanks (at least the couple of times I've been there lately).

If you are in the area, or even in B-N, Charlie's is well worth the 30 minute drive, wouldn't bother with the others.

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Charlie's and others in Pekin Empty Re: Charlie's and others in Pekin

Post  Cuttlethefish Thu Jan 07, 2016 11:57 pm

I go to Charlie's all of the time! When I can get out there I always do and they have the best selection of freshwater fish. Except for Indian Pea Puffers. I've been waiting for those for a year! And I absolutely agree with it being the best! .....as far as freshwater goes. Whenever I go there, their saltwater tanks always look a bit sad. I'd recommend Aquarium Obsessions in Bartonville for anything Marine. They specialize in saltwater tanks and fish. The owner (whose name happens to be Charlie, HA) is super knowledgable and very helpful. They don't press you to buy items you don't need and will help you through every step of setting up a marine aquarium as well as help with any bumps or questions you have along the way! Absolutely incredible! And they have a massive selection of beautiful and healthy saltwater fish and corals.

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