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Post  egbar guppies Sun Dec 16, 2012 4:08 pm

hi, new to the group, I've just signed up. I've had freshwater fish most of my life off and on ( well from my first tank at age 12, not a success) I am 61 now.... but didn't get serious til about 15 years ago when i started playing with guppy genetics. Guppies are gratifying to breed because of the quick results you see in your work. I am down to just a few tanks now and downsizing again because we are moving soon and i want to make the logistics of the move easier.
I keep a line of yellow lace snakeskins, one of red/yellow cobra/zebrinous snakeskins, and have recently started working on red/green line (multicolor) snakeskins.
The red zebrinous line is the oldest, having played with it for over 10 years, learning as i have gone along. The yellow lace came about 5 years ago to supplement and use as outcrosses to the reds. I guess i did it the hard way, having started with pet store guppies, but the learning has been good.
Hooray for the internet as i have found several good breeders whose stock i have used to improve my own lines. The learning to be had online could not be found in 100 years by just visiting bookstores and the library.

I have kept and bred cories (paleatus) in the past and will admit the fry beat guppies to heck and back for "cute" factor.
We will be retiring soon and i hope to set up a breeding colony of Cories in our new home. Time has been a factor in how many aquariums i have been able to keep and i look forward to having them ( cories) again as well as going back to intensive strain improvement in the few guppies i will keep and move with me. I have some lovely brown loaches and a few khuli i got from Sam at Marine Aquatics a few years ago. They are quite mature and it is my hope to also set up a tank just for the loaches when i retire and get that fish room set up (only a few months from now). hoping to attend Jan meeting and meet alot of fellow fish folks.

egbar guppies

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Post  RainingReason112358 Mon Dec 17, 2012 3:15 pm

Hello, and Welcome!!!

I agree that guppies are very interesting and fun because of how fast they breed and grow!!
Perhaps one of the meetings you can talk about your experience with them!!
Look forward to seeing you in January!!


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Post  twocat Mon Dec 17, 2012 6:59 pm

Egbar guppies (Deb) was nice enough to donate some red snakeskin guppies, If anyone would lke a trio for the guppy exchange program that we have going send me a PM.


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