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Question about Rams

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Question about Rams  Empty Question about Rams

Post  SeanSS Tue Apr 21, 2015 9:39 pm

Who on here is familiar with rams?

My 180g... oh god.. Ok

So i bought 4 rams quite some time ago.
One ended up being a female, so here we go. Ive got 1 male who has big balls apparently.
Killed off the other 2. So now i have this male and female pair of german blue rams in my 180G.
I completely refuse to tear down the tank simply to net this female.

Here is my question..
Can i pick up other male rams, such as Electric blue rams or golden rams?
Will this current hulk of a german blue ram pick on them?


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Question about Rams  Empty Rams

Post  Machala2012 Thu Apr 14, 2016 2:11 am

My experience with Rams is that they house together quite fine until breeding time, then most males get very aggressive if they are kept with male fish of the same species. What i did was had 2 pairs in a 55 and as time would come id put them in their own 10 gallon tanks. Then after release them back into 55, its nice because your eggs/fry are left in the 10 and you can sell them or do whatever you please with them without sifting through your tank for baby fry/fish, and it keeps your rams safe for the breeding period. The only Ram i had that was JUST MEAN was a Golden, he would beat up everything in the tank except his mate, had to re-home them, just so my other fish were safe :0 I'm no expert but that's how i obtained success, i know its rough having to take out some decorations, plants, or driftwood to catch them, i just use a large net i can get them in about 3-4 minutes now. My biggest issue is they can spawn frequently, sometimes twice a month, if your water is right, which is why i got out of Rams for a Bit, i will say The Larger your Tank the more males you should be able to house together without aggression, though there are always exceptions. That's surprising that in a 150 with only four Rams that hes being that aggressive, i kept 4 in 55 most of the time, so with triple the room you would think they could get along Razz Are their any other fish in the Tank, is Water quality good? They are a very needy fish when it comes to parameters. But i have never had issue between goldens and blues or anything like that other then just the normal male aggression at spawning. Hope this helps!


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