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Ghost shrimp

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Ghost shrimp Empty Ghost shrimp

Post  Kidd Sat Nov 29, 2014 12:11 pm

Hey everyone, nice to see that there is a community for local fish hobbyist. I currently have a ghost shrimp tank and a community tank. I bought the community tank from davidz. He told me to check out the site and talk with members to learn more about the art of taking care of shrimp. I have a bunch of photos that I would be happy to share of both tanks. I am interested though on what suggestions the community would have on my shrimp tank and community tank. I'll hop on computer to post pictures.


Kidd "Aaron"


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Ghost shrimp Empty Re: Ghost shrimp

Post  Kidd Sat Nov 29, 2014 12:51 pm

Community Tank - 35 gal




Shrimp Tank - 30 gal






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Ghost shrimp Empty Hello and welcome!

Post  Katnapper Sun Nov 30, 2014 9:39 pm

Hi Aaron;  Glad to have you join us here, and I enjoyed looking at your pics.  

My suggestions for the shrimp tank:  

  • A background perhaps on the outside of the back glass.

  • More shrimp!!!  Very Happy  

I'm loving my shrimp (although I just have mine in a community, and not a dedicated, tank).  I first purchased 3 Amano shrimp over a year ago, and they are all 3 still living and thriving (2 males and a female).  I then obtained 5 Ghost shrimp at one point but they all ended up disappearing/dying.  I replaced them with another 3, and same thing.  The Ghost shrimp are much smaller than the Amano shrimp, and truthfully, I like the Amano shrimp better.  But the Ghost shrimp are cute in their own right.  A couple of months ago I bought 5 tiny Blue Velvet shrimp... and I'm really digging them too!  I'd like to get some more different kinds... but that will be when I can afford it better.

There's a new company in Bloomington that deals with quite a few different species of exotic aquarium shrimps.  The Shrimp Farm  I recommend checking out their website, and then emailing or calling Ryan to make an appointment to come by and look at his shrimp if you're interested in getting some more different kinds.  They are a little pricey... but no shipping if you pick them up.

The community hex looks nice! Hey... but did you know your ship sank and broke apart?  affraid  Razz

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Ghost shrimp Empty Re: Ghost shrimp

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