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Jan 2014 meeting

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Jan 2014 meeting Empty Jan 2014 meeting

Post  twocat Wed Jan 08, 2014 3:19 pm

Jan 2014 meeting will be at the Bloom Lib. at 2 PM. Hope to see you there. I am working, on call but I plan to attend.



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Jan 2014 meeting Empty January 2014 Meeting - confusing posts

Post  Katnapper Thu Jan 16, 2014 7:36 pm

I knew I saw this post somewhere....

I'd decided to check the most recent forum posts before heading to the library this past Sunday - upon which I discovered another post saying January's meeting was at David's house.  I decided to call him to make sure, as I'd had it in my mind that this month's meeting was going to be at the library from reading this post previously (and also because the date on the other post said the 10th and not the 12th Laughing ).  Boy was I confused.  But if I hadn't happened to check the posts before going, I'm sure I would have been sitting at the library by myself wondering what happened,  Question  lol.  Just saying that I think we need to make sure there aren't posts with conflicting info, or update as needed.  Wink  If I got this wrong (that there were 2 threads with conflicting info), and I'm just confused anyway through no fault of reading posts on here I apologize.  Very Happy

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