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Ken's fish supplies

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Ken's fish supplies Empty Ken's fish supplies

Post  jikin junkie Tue Dec 31, 2013 2:54 pm

Love Ken's for foods and most supplies, usually the best prices. I ordered a protein skimmer for my saltwater tank. Found one for a cheap price on Ken's site. It was an off brand called Won (probably Chinese). I purchased it, it arrived much later than everything else I had ordered that day. There was a note from Ken's saying that it would be shipping directly from the supplier. Okay so I waited and it arrived. Set it up after Christmas and realized that the water pump, which is usually included in such devices, was not there. It shows one clearly on the box and in the instructions. Went back to Kens website to read the item description...which does not mention that there is no water pump...only that an upgrade can be purchased... Rolling Eyes  I guess that's why it was dirt cheap. Now I'm kinda mad, yeah maybe should have read it a little more carefully but still.. Evil or Very Mad 
jikin junkie
jikin junkie

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Post  Katnapper Wed Jan 01, 2014 9:55 pm

If I were you, I would contact Ken's customer service and at least let them know you are not happy with your purchase and why. We had a problem with an automatic feeder that came with a plastic piece broken off during shipping; emailed or called them (can't remember now which) and they sent a new replacement immediately. I've seen a lot of reviews that agree their customer service is very good. Maybe they can do something for you. It can't hurt to at least try.

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