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What does well locally

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What does well locally Empty What does well locally

Post  AlexW. Tue Apr 23, 2013 3:22 pm

In an effort to increase the success of local hobbyists I wanted to start a thread in which we could list fish that we have had success without adjusting tap water parameters other than removing chlorine or chloramine.

I have had success under these conditions with:

Puntius tetrazona (Tiger Barbs)
Botia almorhae (Yoyo loach)
Botia striata (Zebra loach)
Pterophyllum scalare (Common freshwater angelfish) I kept Golds, marbles, and blacks. I have heard some colors can be more sensitive due to excessive line breeding.
Danio rerio (zebra danio)
Tanichthys albonubes (White Cloud Mountain Minnows)
Melanotaenia boesemani (Boeseman's Rainbow)
Melanotaenia parkinsoni (Parkinson's Rainbow)
Melanotaenia praecox (Dwarf Rainbow) Bred without being induced
Bedotia geayi (Madagascar Rainbow)
Panaque maccus (Clown Pleco)
Ancistrus (Bristlenose Pleco)
Crossocheilus siamensis (Siamese Algae Eater)
Pelvachromis pulcher (Krib Cichlid)

Fish I have had trouble with:
Paracheirodon innesi (Neon Tetras) I can't keep them. I don't find any floaters so I suspect they are jumping out (I have cats so any escapees don't last), though it is possible they are being eaten before or after death.
Labryrinth fish. I never have much success with any of them, I suspect its maybe that my house is too dry in the winter but I am not sure.

My hope is we all add to this list.

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What does well locally Empty Ummm

Post  jikin junkie Tue Apr 23, 2013 10:56 pm

Bettas...guppies....and everything besides discus and altum angels. Pretty much.
jikin junkie
jikin junkie

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What does well locally Empty Re: What does well locally

Post  DavidZ Wed Apr 24, 2013 11:00 am

I have a tank full of huge beautiful Neons so they do well for me. Top is completely covered so I cant have jumpers.

Albino Corries (most of the corries) do well for me, also have done well with Celebes Rainbows, Harlaquin Rasboras, Bloodfin Tetras, Columbian Tetras, Hatchets and Killies. Doing well with Bumble Bee Gobies also.

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What does well locally Empty Re: What does well locally

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