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Pseudomugil furcata

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Pseudomugil furcata Empty Pseudomugil furcata

Post  twocat Sun Jan 06, 2013 8:55 am

Without looking this up, please tell us what type of fish this is and how to care for this type of fish.

There is a prize for the person who has the most knowledge.

And the answer is?



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Pseudomugil furcata Empty Re: Pseudomugil furcata

Post  twocat Thu Jan 10, 2013 10:28 pm

ok, no takers here is some info if anyone is interested let me know.

Rainbowfish Eggs For Sale

These are really only for hobbyists that have had experience in hatching and raising rainbowfish eggs. It’s not rocket science but it does take a little understanding to get it right, especially for the big rainbowfish, which lay small eggs and have fairly tiny fry. *** If you are interested in any of the eggs below I need 7-10 days notice so that I can make sure the fish are happy and producing lots of eggs. You’ll get 25 + eggs that have been carefully picked and then tested to make sure that all of the infertile eggs have been removed. You’ll put these into a shallow sandwich tray and incubate at 80 degrees for 7-10 days. Ask and I’ll send you the best way to tray hatch and raise these fish. For the smaller fish, the Pseudomugils, they lay much larger eggs and are easier to raise but take much longer to hatch – 14-20 days.

Melanotaenia trifasciata - Goyder River
Melanotaenia trifasciata - Hapgood River
Melanotaenia trifasciata - Running Creek
Melanotaenia kamaka
Melanotaenia synergos
Melanotaenia boesemani – “Lacorte Strain”
Melanotaenia boesemani – “Lake Aytinjo”
Melanotaenia duboulayi – “Snapper Creek” F-1 eggs
Melanotaenia sexlineata – Tabubil
Melanotaenia fredericki
Melanotaenia goldiei – “Tapanni”
Melanotaenia praecox – “Pagai” F-1 eggs
Melanotaenia vanheurni “Faowi Village” F-1 eggs
Melanotaenia monticola
Melanoteania splendida – “Deepwater Creek”

Melanotaenia species – Undescribed – Some caught by me, others by Heiko, all have been shown to be new species via DNA comparisons.

Melanotaenia sp – Suswa Village F-2
Melanotaenia sp - “Blue Hole”/Bongo
Melanotaenia sp – Kiunga
Melanotaenia sp – “Morehead River”
Melanotaenia sp – Aru II
Melanotaenia sp – Aru IV
Melanotaenia sp – “Dekai” F-1 eggs
Melanotaenia sp – Pianfon Creek F-2 eggs
Melanotaenia sp – Rawarra Village – F-1 eggs


Chilatherina alleni - Siriwo
Chilatherina axelrodi
Chilatherina bleheri
Chilatherina campsi -
Chilatherina fasciata – “Faowi Village”
Chilatherina fasciata – “Pagai”


Glossolepis pseudoincisus – Lake Yaniruk F-1
Glossolepis dorityi – Lake Nenggwambu F-1
Glossolepis wanamensis
Glossolepis multisquamata – “Pagai” F-1 “Red Dragons”

Pseudomugils – Pseudomugils are the smallest rainbowfish but throw the biggest eggs and take the most time to produce. Prices are quoted for 15+ eggs for these fish. If you are interested in these give me plenty of time to get them collected.

Pseudomugil connieae
Pseudomugil cyanodorsalis - * needs salt (1 2/3 cup/5 gallon sea salt)
Pseudomugil furcata
Pseudomugil gertrudae – Aru II
Pseudomugil sp “Red Neon”
Pseudomugil signifer “Ross River” – “Large sig” needs salt (~ 1 cup/5 gallons)
Pseudomugil signifer “Gap Creek” – “Large sig” freshwater


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