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Supporting LFS's

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Supporting LFS's Empty Supporting LFS's

Post  DavidZ Tue May 15, 2012 2:30 pm

I had a discussion with a not-to-be-named fish person a few days ago and I thought I would pass on what we talked about. It might be interesting to see what people think.

It had to do with our Chicago trips, and how they thought we should buy from LFS's instead of going up there. This, coming from a person who buys everything on-line or at swaps, but doesn't see that as an issue.

My opinion is that I support our LFS's (namely Marine Aquatics) when I can. But he can't carry everything, and he really caters to, in my opinion, more intro type freshwater aquarists and saltwater aquarists. Neither of which I am. I want more oddball, less common things than he carries and I perfectly understand why he doesn't. He needs to stock the things that are going to sell quickly.

So my only outlet is to try the others (which normally carry the exact same thing except sick), swap meets or mail-order. Well, there arn't swap meets all that often, and mail-order is expensive and hit-or-miss.

Apet in Chicago allows us all access to a large number of different fishes, at great prices, that I can look at before I buy them.

When I buy tanks and such I go see Sam at Marine. As I have extra fish I need re-homed I just take them and give to him. It gives him free inventory (which he probably wouldnt pay for anyway) and allows me an outlet for my extras. I took him 30+ BumbleBee Platies last week and am taking him some Halfbeaks next week. Probably some Albino Corys and Sailfin Mollies down the line. Hope he does well with them.

That's how I support the LFS.

I wouldnt think that everyone with extras are just going to give them away, espically you Angel breeders out there, but the LFS's are a valuable outlet for our extras and should be supported.

Just my .02 worth.


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Supporting LFS's Empty Re: Supporting LFS's

Post  RainingReason112358 Tue May 15, 2012 6:55 pm

It is a very interesting point David, and here are my thoughts.

I support M.A. and P.P.S. here in town. I buy my dog food and toys, gravel, and many other things there!! Now am I going to pay a 200% mark-up on filters and fish food no! Now sometimes I just run out and need a fast solution! I have bought many fish from Marine Aquatics! Like David said there is a limit to what they stock, and variety is the spice of life!!

Also they don't stock any good goldfish and the ones they have are $$$$$$$ for what they are!!

In conclusion David adds new blood to the group. and if it wasn't for people like him, Mark and Adam in the group we would be like all the other groups passing the same koi angels around!! lol

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Supporting LFS's Empty Re: Supporting LFS's

Post  twocat Wed May 16, 2012 9:42 pm

The guy at Marine Aquatics seems to be a great guy. I like buying stuff from him but I will be honest, most of the fish I want he does not have. He has been nice enough to try to order some fish for me but after waiting several months I ended up getting the fish somewhere else.
Occasionally I will buy some food or meds from him but I usually buy a years worth of food at a time.

I would like to support his shop so maybe I will take some free fish to him..


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Supporting LFS's Empty Re: Supporting LFS's

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