Free Assorted Fish (Angels, Turquoise Rainbows, Corys, more)

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Free Assorted Fish (Angels, Turquoise Rainbows, Corys, more)

Post  Katnapper on Tue Jul 11, 2017 6:37 am

I've been losing my interest in my aquariums for a while now and had been thinking of selling my tanks, especially since I might be selling my house.  But last night's bombshell kind of sealed it.  I discovered what must be a slow leak in my 75 gallon and I need to unload fishes and deal with it tonight after work.  If anyone wants any of these I'll give them to club members free.  I also have LOTS of accessories, food, furniture, etc. that I'll probably be putting on Craigslist but will sell significantly cheaper to club members.

Approx 7 turquoise rainbowfish
3 large angelfish
1 male bristlenose pleco
A dozen or so assorted cory cats (including emerald, schwartzi)
Several glowlight tetras
Several black neon tetras
Amano shrimp (if I can find/catch them)

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