Free Cabinets ! Memorial day Weekend holiday only ??

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Free Cabinets ! Memorial day Weekend holiday only ??

Post  Gunfighter_357 on Sat May 25, 2013 1:16 pm

I just got home from the road and I saw that some cabinets were on the curb.
I knew that they were cleaning and refurbishing some apts. when I took off the other morning. Just did not expect the cabinets to still be there.
I went out and looked at them and most of them seem to be in pretty good shape....little dings here and there.... a little paint along the edges here and there But, the key word here is FRRRRRREEEEEEEEEE !!!1

I counted:

4 single base cabinets. Like for your sink. with a door underneath.
3 Wall cabinets with door and a single divider inside.
2 wall cabinets. Like in your kitchen but above your stove/fridge kinda thing. 2 doors. maybe 3 ft long by 10/12 inches deep.

Thought some of you might use them for your aquarium set ups. I know in the past I used 2 base cabinets with a counter top section I bought from Lowes for a long table kinda setup.
Just thought somebody in the group could possibly use them for storage....setups....whatever.

They are Located on the street along Northfield Dr. Behind the Schnucks in Normal.
Bus. 51 to Rabb Rd. GO East to School Rd. Left (North) your now behind the Schnucks. Go to the rd just after Schnucks lot and that's Northfield. Go right. Go maybe 150 yds. and they are on the right.
Hope somebody can use them. There is a nice pile of them. Hate to see them go to waste.
Brad cheers

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