Upcoming auctions and shows

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Upcoming auctions and shows

Post  jikin junkie on Sat Jun 30, 2012 8:34 pm

It's a busy fish month! I know everyone probably knows that the CAFE summer auction is Saturday July 7th. Also there is the American Goldfish Association show in Indianapolis on July 7th. Brad is going to CAFE and I am going to the AGA that weekend. Anyone who wants to go to indy, I'm leaving Friday night. Anyone who wants to ride with Brad to CAFE, he leaves Sat. morning, send me a pm. Also there is the Midwest pond and koi show at the Darien Sportsplex in Chicagoland on July 13th-15th, here is the link www.mpks.org Don't forget we'll be hosting the next CITAC meeting on plants July 15th, bring your green thumbs! Very Happy
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