Couple shots of our tank before i started emptying them

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Couple shots of our tank before i started emptying them

Post  SeanSS on Tue Jun 12, 2012 7:51 am

We currently have fish aquariums on all 3 levels of our place. cheers
24 total tanks up and running with i think 9 or 10 more that were dry.

Here are a few pictures

Basement shot

38g and a 30g to the right with a 10g around the corner of the tv, 125g in the middle, 45 tall in the left corner with a 29g below it.
2 33L's to the far left that are stacked.

This is our fishroom on the 2nd floor of our place.

There are 9 15L's, 2 20L's, 2 29g's and 2 20T's pictured

These pictures are not very recent so some things have changed.
There are only 3 15L's upstairs that are still running, i replaced one of the 20 longs up stairs with a 29 gallon.
SO upstairs there are 3 15 longs, a 20 long and a 29 gallon running still. Everything else has been emptied and is waiting
to be moved.

The basement has changed only a little but. I sold the 45 tall in the corner and did not set up anything else in its place.
I built a stand for the tanks on the right and placed a 65 gallon tall on the top and the 38 gallon on the bottom.
The 10 gallon was moved upstairs into our living room on the first floor, it sits next to our 90 g planted tank.

This is a more recent shot of the right corner in the basement.

And last up is the living room on the first floor.
We have our 90 G up there along with the 10g.
90 g has 2 breeding pairs of angels, 7 german blue rams and a few other fish.
It is heavily planted with 2x54w of T5HO lighting and pressurized CO2.

Here are a few much older shots of it

Well that about does it for pictures.
Reason for selling off my live stock is to make things easier. lol
We are moving from our 3 level townhouse to a single level house with a bit more square footage in Urbana.
We have already started moving, our last day here in the town house is August 23rd.
If anyone wants to help move tanks, let me know!! lol cheers

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